Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mentos 3D Mystery Sugarfree Gum

Another mystery-flavoured product has hit the shelves here in Australia, following on the heels of their Mystery Mentos, Mentos has released a mystery-flavoured version of their 3D Sugarfree Gums.

As soon as I took the plastic wrapping off, I smelt a strong, peach-like scent. Unwrapping a stick, the gum has two pink-speckled outer layers, with a deep pink central layer. Popping it in my mouth I immediately got the peach flavour, with what seemed like a faint strawberry hint (the central layer???). So that's my guess, peach/strawberry.

Rating: I'm loving the fun of mystery flavours, but find the peach flavour a little off putting, 7/10

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