Thursday, 28 March 2013

McDonalds Tastes of America Range - California Chicken

Next on my tasting list for the McDonalds Tastes of America Range, I decided to give the California Chicken burger a go.

The California Chicken burger includes a crispy chicken patty served with lettuce, sweet chilli and lime sauce, and summer mayonnaise all served on...

...the same bun used for the other two burgers (a bun topped with sesame seeds, chilli flakes and chives.

This will be a short review due to the fact that the burger was just plain bland. The flavours weren't bad per se, just missing in action, the chilli sauce doing most of the work but sadly that's not saying much.

Anyone out there find this burger more interesting than I did????

Rating: It wasn't good, it wasn't bad, it just was, 4/10

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

McDonalds Tastes of America Range - New York Classic

McDonalds' latest promotion is their Tastes of America Range. Determined to taste the whole range over the next week, I decided to start today with the New York Classic.

The New York Classic has a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard mayo...

...on a bun topped with sesame seeds, chilli flakes and chives.

Sounds complicated, but the burger was simply amazing. The highlight for me was the mustard mayo which kicked this burger up from a wanna-be Whopper with Cheese (one of my favourite burgers) to a stand alone champion. The bun was tasty, although I did feel a hint of heat which I later realised was from the chilli flakes. I hope Maccas keeps the mustard mayo, that stuff rocks!

Rating: I cannot fault this one, hope the rest of the American menu is as good, 10/10

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Baileys Chocolates

I spotted these at the supermarket, and although I generally don't like liqueur chocolates, Baileys is one of the few alcohols I can drink straight so I thought that these would be worth a try...

...I was wrong. Don't be put off if you do like liqueur chocolates, they really just are not for me. The chocolate itself was nice but I just couldn't get past the potency of the filling to enjoy it.

Rating: Not for me but would be interested in others comments, 2/10 for non liqueur eaters, ?/10 otherwise.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Crispy Mint M&Ms

In honour of St Patrick's day, I though I would go with something green, so today's review is the latest M&M release here in Australia, Crispy Mint M&Ms.

Without a doubt, crispy M&Ms are my favourite of all the Australian M&Ms (do you get them overseas???), and who doesn't like mint and chocolate?!?!? So naturally I was a bit biased going into this product, how could this possibly be anything but fantastic?

And I was right. The M&Ms are coloured light green, dark green and white. The crispy center is dyed green, covered in yummy M&M chocolate and a mint flavoured shell. I did share this packet with others (who also loved them), but only because now my junk food intake has increased, I'm trying to watch my calories.

Rating: A crunchy, minty delight, 9/10

Friday, 15 March 2013

Coca-Cola Lip Smacker Range

A lovely friend and old work colleague sent this to me knowing how much I love Coca-Cola. The way work colleagues could tell I was in in the morning was when they heard the sound of me opening a can of coke to start my day (the breakfast of champions!!!).

The Lip Smacker pack my friend sent me included the classic Lip Smacker, a Liquid Lip Smacker and a Rolly Lip Smacker.

I have been using Coca-Cola Lip Smacker for the last 5 years, I love this stuff! The flavour is reminiscent of the Hubba Bubba cola flavour and the lip balm is as good as you would expect from any Lip Smacker product.

Rating: Cola flavoured kisses, yum! 10/10

The next product I tried was the Liquid Lip Smacker. I was initially put off because the liquid is clear and I associate brown with cola products. I will say I've never tried any Liquid Lip Smacker products before so wasn't sure what to expect. I applied the liquid with the applicator wand much I a lip gloss and I loved the results. The taste was similar to the original Lip Smacker and the application left a nice sheen on my lips.

Rating: My new lip gloss of choice, 9/10

Finally I trialled the rolly. The liquid this time was brown/cola coloured and much thicker, almost syrupy, than the Liquid Lip Smacker. The taste was similar to the others, perhaps with a more citrusy note. Although I liked the Rolly Lip Smacker, I would choose the original and the liquid over it.

Rating: A strong third place in an exceptional field, 8/10

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Aussie Food Store for US Followers

I've had a number of requests from my American followers to send some Aussie candy overseas, so to make things easier for everyone I have started a US ebay account selling Australian junk food and iconic Aussie products such as Vegemite. The store is in the initial stages so keep checking as I will try to add more products regularly. Feel free to email me or comment if you are after a specific product.