Saturday, 4 May 2013

McDonalds McSpicy

Once again, a special thanks to B1 for trying the spicy foods for me, with B1 eagerly chomping into the McDonalds McSpicy, one of the new chicken burger range offered at McDonalds here in Australia.

Similar to the McChamp, the McSpicy has a crispy chicken breast, served with lettuce and a 'fiery' mayo on a wheat germ bun.

According to B1, the mayo is the real winner here, having a nice kick to it but not too overbearing in the heat department. The overall heat of the burger being determined by B1 to be slightly less than the KFC Zinger burger.

Rating: B1 says simply "Would eat again, 9/10"

McDonalds McChamp

Hot on the heels of the Tastes of America Promotions, now sadly gone, no more New York burgers :( McDonalds has released it's new range of Chicken Burgers, the McChamp, the McSpicy and the McGrilled.

I decided to try the McChamp first, a crumbed chicken burger served with lettuce, tomato relish and a garlic mayo served on a wheatgerm bun.

I'm not sure if this is the way it is meant to be served, but the two sauces were completely separate, covering half of the burger each.

The crunchy chicken breast was fantastic, not necessarily better than the wonderfully processed chicken burger of the McChicken, but great in its own right.  I wonder if the separation of the sauces tainted my experience though, the garlic mayo was delicious and I happily chomped through this half of the burger.  On the other hand, I didn't really like the relish side, the relish having a tomato paste-type taste to it.  Towards the end, I did try to get a bite with both sauces, it improved the relish taste but I would rather just have the whole burger drowned in the special mayo.

Rating: Overall great burger, one good sauce, one average sauce (or a slightly better than average mixture of two sauces), 7/10

McDonalds Mean Green Frozen Fanta

McDonalds has been rotating their Frozen Fanta flavour for a while now but I have yet to be tempted to try the Fanta flavour over my preferred Frozen Coke... until now! The latest flavour is the Mean Green Frozen Fanta, giving no clues to the actual flavour of the drink, I was immediately tempted to try one!

I have read a few different theories on the flavour of this drink, my take was that it was a fresh, slightly sour lime flavour, absolutely delicious, I will be definitely drinking more of these while they are still available.

Rating: Fresh, tasty, tangy frozen lime with just the right hit of sourness (for a normal person, I would happily kick the sour up a few notches), 9/10