Saturday, 4 May 2013

McDonalds McSpicy

Once again, a special thanks to B1 for trying the spicy foods for me, with B1 eagerly chomping into the McDonalds McSpicy, one of the new chicken burger range offered at McDonalds here in Australia.

Similar to the McChamp, the McSpicy has a crispy chicken breast, served with lettuce and a 'fiery' mayo on a wheat germ bun.

According to B1, the mayo is the real winner here, having a nice kick to it but not too overbearing in the heat department. The overall heat of the burger being determined by B1 to be slightly less than the KFC Zinger burger.

Rating: B1 says simply "Would eat again, 9/10"


  1. Have you tried the new smiths "popped" chips?
    I'd give the sour cream & chives 3/10 but see how you go maybe with the other flavours

  2. Where have you gone? Come back! :(

    1. A combination of new job, moving state and a bit of laziness, will resume posting soon.