Saturday, 4 May 2013

McDonalds Mean Green Frozen Fanta

McDonalds has been rotating their Frozen Fanta flavour for a while now but I have yet to be tempted to try the Fanta flavour over my preferred Frozen Coke... until now! The latest flavour is the Mean Green Frozen Fanta, giving no clues to the actual flavour of the drink, I was immediately tempted to try one!

I have read a few different theories on the flavour of this drink, my take was that it was a fresh, slightly sour lime flavour, absolutely delicious, I will be definitely drinking more of these while they are still available.

Rating: Fresh, tasty, tangy frozen lime with just the right hit of sourness (for a normal person, I would happily kick the sour up a few notches), 9/10

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