Monday, 22 April 2013

Grape Fanta

A big thanks to my brother (B1) a connoisseur of all grape soft drinks for writing the following review for me:

I love 'grape' flavour, hence my excitement when hearing that Fanta was bringing out a 'grape' flavoured drink here in Australia.

First impression is that there is a lot of purple colouring in the drink. It is very dark. Getting down to the flavour of the drink, unfortunately the 'grape' flavour is overpowered by the sugariness that is Fanta. My tastebuds would prefer a drink with a little bit more sourness or tartness. It definitely has that 'grape' flavour but is just a bit too bland. Toddlers and young children would love it.

Note: 'Grape' tastes nothing like grapes at all and is reminiscent of that playground smell of hubba bubba bubblegum.

Rating: A+ for finally bringing grape soft drink to Australia but the flavour needs work, 6/10

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