Monday, 22 April 2013

Cherry Ripe Double Dipped with 60% Cocoa

Another chocolate bar variation currently on shelves is the Cherry Ripe Double Dipped with 60% Cocoa. For this review I also picked up a regular Cherry Ripe for comparison. The original Cherry Ripe I picked up has a loving message on it, one of the leftovers from Cadbury's Valentine's Day promotion.

First of all, apologies for what could be the worst photo I have taken on this blog! As you can (sort of) see, the double dipped version (top) indeed has a much thicker layer of chocolate than the original (bottom). The chocolate is also darker and richer in colour.

As for my verdict, I much prefer the original. The use of a high quality dark chocolate didn't really add to my experience, and I found that the double dipping altered the filling to chocolate ratio negatively, resulting in the a reduction of the delicious cherry/coconut flavour.

Rating: As with most movies, the original (9/10) is much better than the sequel (5/10)

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