Sunday, 14 April 2013

KFC Black Edition Kentucky Burger

I am so over fast food using the bacon/BBQ sauce combo as a limited edition that I put off trying the KFC Black Edition Kentucky Burger until recently (and I am yet to try the McDonalds Texas Burger).  On the other hand, I was excited to try a chicken burger with cheese and coleslaw, my favourite chicken burger combo. The verdict...

...once I removed the bacon, great! The crispy onion bits were crunchy and flavoursome, the coleslaw and fried chicken worked together beautifully and the BBQ sauce was not smokey like most of the limited edition burgers have been using lately, but rather a sweet, tasty BBQ sauce. The downsides, the bacon did not improve the burger for my tastes and while two slices of cheese sounded great, it was pretty bland and tasteless.

Rating: Bring on a regular coleslaw/fried chicken burger, hold the bacon, 8/10

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