Saturday, 16 March 2013

Crispy Mint M&Ms

In honour of St Patrick's day, I though I would go with something green, so today's review is the latest M&M release here in Australia, Crispy Mint M&Ms.

Without a doubt, crispy M&Ms are my favourite of all the Australian M&Ms (do you get them overseas???), and who doesn't like mint and chocolate?!?!? So naturally I was a bit biased going into this product, how could this possibly be anything but fantastic?

And I was right. The M&Ms are coloured light green, dark green and white. The crispy center is dyed green, covered in yummy M&M chocolate and a mint flavoured shell. I did share this packet with others (who also loved them), but only because now my junk food intake has increased, I'm trying to watch my calories.

Rating: A crunchy, minty delight, 9/10

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