Friday, 15 March 2013

Coca-Cola Lip Smacker Range

A lovely friend and old work colleague sent this to me knowing how much I love Coca-Cola. The way work colleagues could tell I was in in the morning was when they heard the sound of me opening a can of coke to start my day (the breakfast of champions!!!).

The Lip Smacker pack my friend sent me included the classic Lip Smacker, a Liquid Lip Smacker and a Rolly Lip Smacker.

I have been using Coca-Cola Lip Smacker for the last 5 years, I love this stuff! The flavour is reminiscent of the Hubba Bubba cola flavour and the lip balm is as good as you would expect from any Lip Smacker product.

Rating: Cola flavoured kisses, yum! 10/10

The next product I tried was the Liquid Lip Smacker. I was initially put off because the liquid is clear and I associate brown with cola products. I will say I've never tried any Liquid Lip Smacker products before so wasn't sure what to expect. I applied the liquid with the applicator wand much I a lip gloss and I loved the results. The taste was similar to the original Lip Smacker and the application left a nice sheen on my lips.

Rating: My new lip gloss of choice, 9/10

Finally I trialled the rolly. The liquid this time was brown/cola coloured and much thicker, almost syrupy, than the Liquid Lip Smacker. The taste was similar to the others, perhaps with a more citrusy note. Although I liked the Rolly Lip Smacker, I would choose the original and the liquid over it.

Rating: A strong third place in an exceptional field, 8/10

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