Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween - Ghost Drops

On doing a bit of research for this review, I was surprised to find that these lollies have been available in Australia for quite some time.

While not technically a Halloween candy, I figured it was a case of near enough is good enough given the limited choices I have here.

Ghost drops are hard boiled lollies and come individually wrapped in four different flavours: apple (green), blueberry (blue), cherry (red) and tropical punch (black/purple). As an added bonus, the candies stain your tongue the colour of the candy. I will confess straight out that I did not try the cherry flavour, I hate cherry flavour and will never be reviewing anything cherry on this site (unless I get someone else to try it). But all the other flavours were absolutely delicious.

Rating: A great product, would make any trick-or-treater happy, 8/10

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