Monday, 15 October 2012

Chocolatier Once Upon a Plate

Chocolatier Once Upon a Plate Chocolates are a collection of five distinctly Australian based flavoured chocolates.

The flavours include Apple Crumble, Lemon Tart, Vanilla Slice, Coconut Ice and Lamington.

 Apple Crumble
 Lemon Tart
 Vanilla Slice
 Coconut Ice

While intrigued by the flavours, I was a little bit wary trying these as I am a devoted Cadburys girl and find that gourmet chocolates don't always agree with my tastebuds. I shouldn't have worried, each of these was delicious. The only mild disappointment was the apple crumble, while still delicious, I didn't pick up the apple flavour at all. I think these chocolates will be part of my regular junkfood rotation from now on.

Rating: Wow. Just wow. Not a bad flavour in the bunch. 10/10

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