Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween - Liquid Strawberry "Blood Bag"

This is exactly the sort of novelty product I love (I've seen on some American sites that you can get candy urine samples in a sample jar, candy pus filled ears, candy pimples you can pop, those sorts of things speak to my sense of humour!). So, unless this product makes me vomit, it's going to get a pretty high rating.

The verdict??? Yummo! The strawberry liquid is delicious, not too sweet, a nice tang to it. I would struggle to eat the whole thing but I can see kids enjoying this. My only complaint would be that I think a thicker syrup would be more enjoyable.

A special thanks to my friend Alison for finding this for me (my friends know me so well).

Rating: Love it! Keep pushing the boundaries of decency candy makers! 9/10

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