Friday, 12 October 2012

McDonalds Ultimate Grand Angus

I hadn't previously tried any of the Angus burgers at McDonalds, although they have been out for a while. When I saw the recent ads advertising the new and improved burger patty I thought, in the interest of research, it was time to try one.

I ended up going for the Ultimate Grand Angus, I figured that the Serious Grand Angus would taste much like the lamb version and on the day I wasn't quite up to the challenge. Also, the Ultimate also came with cheese, and what burger couldn't be improved with cheese?!?!?!?

The Ultimate Grand Angus was as much as a challenge for me as the Serious Lamb Burger. It is BIG! The sauces were nice, the cheese was a plus, I think I'd prefer cooked onions but that's a personal choice. While there are no complaints to be had, it didn't wow me either. I think when I go to Maccas I prefer the real McDonalds taste you get with cheeseburgers, big macs, quarter pounders. I'm not really looking for a "real" burger at McDonalds. Having said that, it is certainly more suited to those with a bigger appetite or looking for a less processed-tasting product.

Rating: Good but will not be my go to burger (hmmmm, double cheeseburger), 7/10

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  1. Never understood the point of the McD & HJ Angus burgers.Why process and freeze a high quality beef like Angus? If you want to have high quality beef it needs to be fresh.Big chain angus burgers are a gimmick.