Sunday, 17 June 2012

Thins Light & Tangy

I could write this review with one arm tied behind my back (ok, with one arm up to the elbow in a packet of Light & Tangy chips).

When I was younger, chips came in the standard flavours: Plain, Chicken, BBQ and my COC (Chip of Choice) Salt & Vinegar, there was not a gourmet flavour in sight. Light & Tangy was the first "new" flavour I remeber being introduced.  I'm not sure what compelled me to try it (most likely my "dealer" had sold out of S&V), but try it I did and I never looked back.

I do tend to prefer a thin cut chip to a crinkle cut as the thin cut has a better flavour to chip ratio and I prefer the melt in your mouth thin chip to the gum shredding crunch of a crinkle cut.  Light & Tangy chips provide a wonderfully smooth tomato taste and since their introduction they have been my COC and set the standard by which all other chips are measured.

Rating: Perfection, 10/10

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