Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Crazy Candyfloss Bubblegum

I picked up these purely for the novelty.  I'm a sucker for a candy that starts one way then changes course during the eating.



Crazy Candyfloss Bubble-Gum starts of light, fluffy and silky, certainly less gritty than traditonal candyfloss. Definitely a pro whencompared the the lumpy crompressed pre-packaged candy you can get in stores

I wouldn't be concerned if orange and strawberry aren't your cup of tea, the flavours start out bland and then generally disappear.  If I was a teacher I would give this an encouragement award, I see the promise of what it could be, it just hasn't quite made it yet.

Ratings: for the flavours a bland 4/0, for the concept a solid 9/10

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