Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hawaii Edition: McDonald's McRib and Cinnamon Melt

I missed the recent Australian limited edition McRib, but I did have the pleasure of enjoying a McRib during a recent trip to Hawaii.  The reports I've heard on the Australian McRib have not been glowing, but I thoroughly enjoyed my Hawaiian version, lot's of sauce, tasty bun, very enjoyable.

Rating: Totally lived up to the hype, 9/10

I also had the pleasure of enjoying a cinnamon melt, which was deliciously warm, melt in the mouth dough and a generous helping of icing, I would say that the McDonald's version blows Cinnabon out of  the water.  If anyone from McDonalds reads this, please, please, please release this in Australia.

Rating: Worth the price of a trip to Hawaii!!! 10/10

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