Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Comments on Jelly Joiners would be appreciated

I have seen the Jelly Joiners post has become a popular page.  Obviously the Jelly Joiners did not float my boat, so to speak, I found they were a little too much on the 'natural' and 'healthy' marketing direction, Given I care little about my teeth weight or health, they were fighting a losing battle with me.  Personally I'd prefer to eat an apple over a naturally tasting apple candy.  I think my tastebuds are more intune with the more processed and unnatural that I grew up on, I don't want natural colours and flavours, i want my ingedients listed as numbers!

I couldn't do a post without some food porn so here are Disney World Mickey waffles with strawberry jelly Rating: For the kid in all of us (10/10)

BTW The Citrus Skittle give a way is still going on so get in quick to claim you prize.


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