Sunday, 17 June 2012

River Port Portello soft drink

Many moons ago during the summer my parents would order a mixed crate of soft drinks from Slades. I was pleasantly surprised to find Slades is still going strong delivering soft drinks throughout Melbourne.

I’m finding it difficult to write this review without using the phrase “In my day…”, because in my day drinking soft drink was a rare occurrence, which is why that summer crate of Slades is such a strong happy memory for me.  It was in these assortments that I first discovered Portello.

I’ve seen Portello described as Mediterranean grape, a mix of berries and creaming soda, or as having plum and raspberry overtones, and as kids we decided it was a cola/raspberry mix.  I honestly can’t quite pin down the flavour but I can say it is delicious, although might be a touch on the sweet side for some.

A bit of trivia for any clumsy people like myself, this stuff is near on impossible to remove from cream carpet!

Rating: Hard to find but worth the effort hunting down, 9/10

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