Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kettle Sweet Potato, Beetroot and White Sweet Potato Chips

Being a diehard chip eater, and a lover of all forms of sweet potatoe, I couldn't go past this new offering from Kettle chips.  They are what you expect, think thin crunchy chips, but instead of potato you get orange and white sweet potato and beetroot chips instead.

The chips are only very lightly salty which would usually bother me (I have often considered getting a salt lick for my desk at work), but in this case the seasoning is absolutely spot on.  You can taste each of the individual flavours clearly, reminding me of a caramalised version after the veggies that have been cooked up with with a roast lamb.  The yellow are my favourite by far, which isn't to say the others aren't great (because they are).  I can imagine some people being put off by the beetroot flavour.

Rating: A welcome addition to the savoury snacking world, 8/10

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