Monday, 9 July 2012

KFC BBQ Bacon Roller

KFC is keeping me on my toes at the moment, with lots of new products to taste and review.  Today I tried from their new Roller range which offers two choices: Nacho Cheese and BBQ Bacon.  My intention was to try the Nacho Cheese, as we don't see many products using nacho cheese sauce here in Australia, but sadly the KFC I found was out of nacho cheese sauce.  Disappointed, I ordered the BBQ Bacon instead.

The BBQ Bacon Roller came with popcorn chicken, a rasher of bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce, all wrapped in a tortilla and toasted.  It was pretty good for a snack, I wouldn't base a main meal around it.  The smokey BBQ sauce was bordering on being overpowering, but otherwise a decent enough snack. Hopefully I can try the Nacho Cheese Roller before they disappear.

Rating: A nice snack but stick with the KFC Popcorn Melt, 6/10

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