Monday, 9 July 2012

Donut King Chocolate Eclair

It was once tradition in my family that birthdays were celebrated with a Donut King donut cake.  This would be a giant, donut shaped cake, made from donut batter, filled with a 2-inch layer of "cream", raspberry jam, thickly iced and decorate with lollies.  I'm lead to believe that donut king no longer make these cakes, so these days I get my fix with one of their eclairs.

Made of donut and given an eclair like shape, the center is filled with the bright white "cream" and a strip of super sweet raspberry jam.  I absolutely love this combination, I'm not sure what goes into the "cream" but it is light, fluffy and smooth, with the jam adding just the right amount of acidity.

Rating: I couldn't imagine a more perfect cake type product. 10/10

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