Saturday, 14 July 2012

Caramel Space Food Sticks

I love everything about Space Food Sticks.  From the wonderfully retro packaging to the chewy fudginess of the stick.  The package states that Space Food Sticks "are a nutritional energy food modeled on a product developed for the U.S. Space Program".  I don't know if Space Food Sticks have ever been consumed in outer space, but I'm happy to snack away on them.  Also available in chocolate.

Rating: The food of the future, 9/10


  1. I randomly thought of these today, I think I used to eat them during recess. I hope they still sell them at woolies or coles :O

    1. They're just as great as I remember them being. If you don't see them at woolies or coles, try IGA, I usually see them there with the Le Snacks.

  2. Unfortunately they are discontinued

  3. Unfortunately they are discontinued