Thursday, 20 September 2012

Red Bull - The Blue Edition

Red Bull has released three new limited edition flavours, the Blue Edition, the Silver Edition and the Red Edition. I picked up one of each but decided it would probably not be a good idea to sample all three in one day, so today I am starting with the Blue Edition.

The Blue Edition has all the same taurine, caffeine, sugar etc as a regular red bull but is blueberry flavoured. I was a bit concerned on cracking the can open, it had a faint medicinal smell about it. The Blue Edition turns out to be a purple liquid, deliciously sweet and tart and with a definite blueberry taste to it that isn't too fake tasting (although there is not a hint of a blueberry in the ingredients so it must be fake).

Rating: Overall, worth a try, but not really my cup of tea, 6/10

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