Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mentos Mystery

Another brand stepping into mystery flacours is Mentos. I have only seen this in one service station so I'm not sure where you might find them.

 The flavour was definitely from the citrus group (which I love), I'm going to say lemon (although the third listed ingredient is grapefruit juice but if it is grapefruit it is very mild). Being a fan of citrus, I demolished the packet in no time. Could have been more sour, but you can pretty much add that comment to any candy I review.

Rating: Not exactly an exciting mystery flavour, but yummy none the less, 7/10


  1. I couldn't resist the whole 'mystery' idea, and bought a pack. Yum! :)
    Good marketing mentos, good marketing..

  2. Can someone please tell us what flavours they are meant to be? All we're getting is Cola/misc-citris.

    1. I believe they are meant to be grapefruit but they tasted more like lemon to me.