Thursday, 20 September 2012

Coca Cola Macarons

Based on the success of the Grape Hubba Bubba Macarons, I have been investigating every patisserie I walk by to check for interesting, junk food related macarons. When I saw these Coke Macarons, I was so excited I did a little happy dance right there in the store! As I have stated previously, I love all things cola, it always surprises me that the flavour isn't experimented with more.

So with great expectations, I dove straight into the Coke Macarons. I knew as soon as I opened the box that this was not going to be good. Most macarons are fragrant with the promised flavour, these macarons had no hint of an aroma to them at all. Maybe it's different with the fruit flavours, I thought, it will still taste of cola, right? Wrong. They were bland and tasteless. The bite seen taken out above is all I bothered to eat (I hate to ingest calories that provide me no enjoyment).

Rating: What could have been amazing was sadly poorly executed, -1/10 for dashing my dreams


  1. Ever hear about Fried coke? All the rage at American fairs a few years ago.Coca-Cola syrup mixed with doughnut batter, fried and dusted with icing sugar.Then they top this creation with more coke syrup.

    Possibly the most unhealthy creation ever after the notorious 'Snickers Pie'

  2. Fried coke has been high on my "try before I die" list for a long time. I follow the deep fried food trends pretty closely, bubble gum, kool aide, cheesecake... I don't think there is a food alive that can't be improved by being deep fried (except for liquorice, that would just be wrong)