Saturday, 15 September 2012

Kracie Gummy Dinosaur Kit

Another japanese offering, the Kracie Gummy Dinosaur Kit is a DIY kit for making gummy's at home.

Even though all the instructions were in Japanese, between the pictures on the instructions and clearly labelled packages it was easy to stumble my way through it. The kit came with two packets of flavouring (melon and cola), the gummy mix, a fork for stirring, a dropper for adding the gummy solution to the flavouring and a mould featuring the different dinosaur shapes.

To create the gummies, the flavour powders are poured into the moulds and smoothed out. The gummy powder was mixed with water (far right) and then added with a dropper to the moulds (top left).

The results were pretty standard for a home craft project (I am more scientist than artist!) and there was enough flavouring to make two sets of dinosaurs. The finished product was quite wet, I really enjoyed the cola flavour but the melon (tasting like honeydew) was a bit strong for me.

Rating: Fun, fun, fun, more interactive candy kits please!!! 9/10

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