Monday, 17 September 2012

Cadbury's Green & Gold

Another shout out to my sister with this post, this time to say "Told you so!". During the olympics a number of green and gold based candies were released, green and gold being the Aussie colours. Somewhere along the way I stumbled on an add for this product, but try as I might, I could not locate this block of chocolate at any of my usual candy suppliers, to the point where people had thought I must have dreamed this up myself. So here we are, well after the London Olympics have finished, and I finally found it, hurrah!

The green and gold of this product comes from the pineapple and lime fillings, which alternate through the block of chocolate. The pineapple I love, Cadbury had released a pure pineapple block last summer and I chomped my way through many blocks. The lime is a new filling for Cadbury, I neither loved it or hated it, not as sweet as the pineapple filling, but still quite sweet for a lime flavour, it didn't quite work with the chocolate though.

Rating: Two thumbs up for the pineapple, one thumb for the lime, 7/10

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