Monday, 17 September 2012

McDonalds Lamb Taster

Along with the Serious Lamb Burger, McDonalds has also released the Lamb Taster, a wrap with half a lamb burger patty, lettuce and that oh-so-delicious garlic aoli.

The taster reminds me a lot in taste of a lamb souvlaki/gyros/kebab, and I found it quite filling without being too much. If the lamb burger looks to daunting, then I recommend giving the Lamb Taster a shot.

Rating: Did I mention how awesome the aoli is?!?!?! 8/10


  1. Was in melbourne on the weekend have you tried the lord of the fries fries they were alot better than the average.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I've seen them around but never stopped in to try their wares. Any recommendations on what to order?

  3. They're a vegan place - I had the "chick'n" nuggets not realising they weren't real chicken, not recommended! They fresh cut the fries there though they're not frozen so the potato does taste fresher.