Saturday, 16 February 2013

Smiths BBQ Ribs Thinly Cut Chips

I believe this product has been around for a while.  Walking down the chip aisle at the supermarket, it seems that BBQ ribs is the chip flavour of the moment.  I settled on a packet of Smiths BBQ Ribs Thinkly Cut Chips for no particular reason, but plan on returning to pick up other brands to try and compare in the near future.

On opening the bag, the overwhelming smell was that of a typical BBQ flavour, however on first taste all I could think of was soya sauce. Checking the ingredients, soya sauce was indeed listed. While I did enjoy these chips, and indeed easily finished the whole packet, I can't say I'd buy them again as the soya sauce taste gets a bit tiresome after a while.

Rating: Not without merit, worth trying once off for the novelty, 6/10

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