Saturday, 16 February 2013

M&Ms Orange

Mrs B1, my sister-in-law, was kind enough to taste these for me as, according to my taste buds, chocolate and orange should not be combined. I did have a sniff once the bag was open and the smell was reminiscent of jaffas. The orange flavour is in the shell, with standard M&M chocolate in the middle. The verdict from Mrs B1 was positive, a good version of the chocolate/orange combination.

As a second taste test, I took the remaining M&Ms to my baseball game for the team to snack on. I've done this with a few products and it gives me an idea of how good the product is, i.e. empty packet = good. For anyone considering eating this product, the overwhelming response from my baseball team was positive, giving them their second tick of approval after Mrs B1.

Rating: Unless you strenuously object to orange/chocolate flavour combination (like me and most of my family), a good snack, 8/10

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