Friday, 15 February 2013

KISS Icy Poles

A recent product to hit Australian shelves is the Peters KISS Icy Poles, released in honour of their 40th Anniversary Tour of Australia.

I was pretty excited when I saw these advertised because if there's one thing I love more than junk food, it's junk food with a pop culture tie in (I have a number of Spongebob products waiting to be reviewed!).

 From a bit of internet searching I learn that these were first released as a limited edition in the 80s, again to coincide with an Australian tour. The product is described as "a frozen thunderbolt of lemonade, raspberry and cola", my three favourite flavours of Peters Icy Poles.

The icy poles come in a pack of 8, with each individually wrapped in a wrapper depicting a KISS member and their autograph. It appears the members you get is random as I only got two different members, guess I'll have to keep buying more until I collect the set (well played Peters, well played).

The icy pole itself is pretty tasty. Each of the flavours is pretty mild, the lemonade being the strongest. The icy poles were not overly sweet which is nice for a hot summer's day (it being summer here in Australia). I'm glad I picked these up and within 24 hours have almost finished the box, definitely worth the effort to track down. Apologies for writing this entire post without a single lyric from a KISS song, poor effort I know.

P.S. For overseas KISS fans and memorabilia collectors, I am selling the box and wrappers on ebay under the username sgjunkfoodjournal.

Rating: Even without the KISS seal of approval these would rate 9/10


  1. Those look awesome! Good find.

  2. Now selling the box and wrappers on ebay (USA) under username aussiefoodstore