Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pancake Parlour - Cola Float and Cottage Fries

On this blog I don't often stray away from the more traditional junk foods, but after a recent trip to the Pancake Parlour I thought they deserved a special mention for two reasons.  Firstly, for the best Cola Float I have been able to find in Australia, I can't believe I'm saying this considering the use Pepsi rather than my much preferred Coke.  I'm not sure exactly how they make these, but it appears that a bit of milk is added to the cola, with the top grade ice cream perched on the side.  Delicious.

Rating:  A Cola Float as the candy gods intended, 10/10

The second Pancake Product I wanted to mention was the cottage fries (the above is a side serving).  I've never met a potato I didn't like, but these really stand out in my mind.  Once again, I'm not sure how these are made but I believe the secret ingredient is bucket-loads of butter.

Rating:  The number one reason I could never do an Atkins Diet, 10/10

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