Saturday, 9 February 2013

Red Eye Platinum Energy Drink

When it comes to energy drinks, I am a pretty loyal Red Bull drinker, it was the first one I tried and I've stuck with it ever since.  But lately, as I wander down the soft drink aisle, I have found myself looking at the variety of energy drinks available and thought, thanks to this blog, it was time to check out the other brands.

My first thought on trying the Red Eye Platinum was, OMG this is sweet.  Actually, that was probably the dominating thought on this product.  I don't shy away from sugar by any means, but I'm talking SWEET.  Once I could get myself away from the sweetness, the flavour itself is not too bad, it reminded me of fruit sticks you can get in supermarkets here in Australia (the ones that look like musk sticks).

Rating: Passable but will not replace Red Bull as my energy drink of choice, 5/10 (sorry, too sweet for me to rate it any higher)

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