Sunday, 20 January 2013

Parker's Organic Pink Lemonade

Ever since my first trip to the USA, I have been in love with American style lemonade.  Sadly, it is very rare to see anything even close in Australia, so I was terribly excited when I saw pink lemonade on the menu one day when out for breakfast.  It turned up with an old school waxed paper straw (I love anything retro) and I excitedly took a sip, expecting a nice hit of sour lemon flavour tempered with either a strawberry or cherry overtone.  One sip was enough to know something was terribly wrong, the disappointment clear on my face.  The problem?  Let the following ingredient list on the product explain...

The main ingredients are grape or apple, followed by apple?!?!?  Excuse me?  Sadly, all this drink tasted like was lame, fizzy apple juice.  Even though the ingredients state there is lemon and strawberry juices, they were impossible to taste over the strong apple juice flavour.

Rating: If I had ordered fizzy apple juice, it would do OK I guess, but for a Pink Lemonade it gets 0/10

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