Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mars Honeycomb

I love that chocolate bar makers are trying new variations on well established products.  Not always a success but it keeps things interesting in the candy world.  Released recently is the Mars Honeycomb bar (note: our Mars bar is the same as a Milky Way in the US).

I was a little concerned that the combination of honeycomb flavoured nougat with caramel would be a little sweet for my liking, but one bite of this bar and my concerns were addressed.  Mars has done an excellent job with this product, the honeycomb flavour is nice and subtle, the bar tasting like a standard Mars Bar with a nice, subtle honeycomb aftertaste once the sweetness of the caramel dissipated.

Rating:  Could have been a disaster, well shown restraint by Mars product developers, 9/10

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