Thursday, 15 November 2012

McDonalds Scorcher Peri Peri

McDonalds released two new burgers yesterday, one of which is the Scorcher Peri Peri, a spicy chicken burger. Given my dislike of chilli in all its forms, I probably should have left the tasting of this burger to one of my friends or family, but for some reason standing there in McDonalds I convinced myself it wouldn't be that hot.Silly me!

Let's face it, the warning signs were there, the use of 'Scorcher' in the name of the burger, the above description mentioning 'turning up the heat', 'spicy', 'chilli coated', 'hot combo', the pictures of chillies on the menu, and yet I persisted.

More warning signs as I opened the box, I could smell the chilli, the chicken was an angry, red, chilli-coated colour to it. Still, I took a bite, and I have to say the flavours were delicious, and yes it was hot although if you like burn your mouth heat, I don't think this will deliver.

Rating: Great flavours, too hot for me and probably not hot enough for some, 8/10

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  1. I like KFC Zingers, and the scorcher is nice as well, but too hot for me!